Cafe de Duivel

Reguliersdwarsstraat 87

1017 BK Amsterdam.

Open everyday

from 20.00 till 03.00

fri/sat till 04.00


Cafe de Duivel (the Devil) is the spot in Amsterdam for Soul, Funk and Hiphop lovers. Founded in 1992 by Daniel Eeuwens who at 21 years of age had the balls to open a club which mainly played underground black music every day of the week. Now in 2010 not very spectacular but seventeen years ago the hiphop scene was still underground, had a not so great image and was almost impossible to hear on the radio or see on television.

The bar became the first real DJ café of Amsterdam and the fact that you could come to the Duivel everyday, hear the best DJ’s playing and meet the coolest people made the place famous throughout the world. Artists like Old Dirty Bastard, Cypress Hill, Gangstar, Public Enemy, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many more chilled in the bar and the logo was a present from tattoo-artist Henk “Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher.

Cafe de Duivel has over the years become one of the nicest spots of Amsterdam and the meeting point for crazy and creative hip-hop-loving people from all over the world and from all different cultural and racial backgrounds. A society in its own.


Even after having to rebuild the whole place in 2005 (because of some lame subway tunnel) and being closed for six months the Duivel  has kept that raw und underground feeling despite the fact people had to get used to the smell of fresh paint.

Now in 2010 the Duivel is still the place where the people that appreciate good music and good vibes meet up and  chill, network, flirt, inspire, get inspirated and last but not least, get intoxicated!

The Duivel stands for no-nonsense, non-violence, street culture, music and creativity. Seven day’s a week the freshest DJ’s, exhibitions by the dopest artists and the sweetest bartenders in town.


We hope you can feel our Duivel vibe buzzing. We might not be able to serve you a drink here, but just sit back and listen to some of the live-mixes or take a look at some videos of past events, dig back in our history or check out whats happn!n next.

You can play this month’s mix by starting the ghettoblaster in the upper right corner and by clicking on the music beercoaster you can listen and download mixes live-recorded at the Duivel. Take note of the navigation beer mats. The drawings on the back were made by visitors from all over the world back in the days . The best drawings would get stuck on the wall behind the bar for everybody to see.

Now we would like to challenge people to draw new ones so we can put them on the website for everybody to see. Not from home or behind a computer but sitting at the Duivel bar (drunk) and drawing some funny or psycho or whatever stuff..


Visit our Hell’s Kitchen website by hitting the beercoaster on the homepage. Here you can learn more about the history of the legendary blockparty’s and more important, check out all the party’s we’re planning for 2010. At least one every month with the best artist’s the Netherlands have to offer..


With so much to offer now we also have a webshop. Here you’ll be able to find all kinds of typical Duivel and Hell’s Kitchen stuff. From downloading tracks to exclusive T-shirt’s, artwork and street designer wear. You’ll find the coolest stuff here.

Just click on shop (online spring 2011)

Special thanks to FleanMachine for the artwork, to Eszra for constructing the website and especially to Debra for masterminding the entire project and giving new life to Hell’s Kitchen.. Respect!!